Our line of AGGA Blend coffees is where we put our inspiration to work! 

From light roast to dark roast, find the blend that will allow you to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee! 


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This medium roast, reminiscent of the popular coffees of Northern Italy, offers a slightly nutty flavour.
Indonesia's coffees are wonderful. Sumatra is full-bodied and syrupy, while Java is spicier. We offer both in the same cup!
Medium roast just like in Italy, this coffee will leave your taste buds wanting more! It's a coffee blend coming from various countries around the world and it’s mixture creates a perfectly smooth and creamy coffee with slightly caramelized and tangy tasting notes. Tesoro Di Crema will leave you wanting some more!
Colombia is second after Brazil in coffee production, with 15% of the world’s coffee output. Colombia’s specialities are Supremo and Excelso coffees.
Tarrazu coffee which grows on volcanic slopes, is a selection of the best from Costa Rica.
Excellent coffee decaffeinated naturally with water. This is an evening coffee, free of stimulants but still offering the pleasure of a flavoursome blend from a variety of origins.
With a rare subtlety and finesse, this exclusive coffee is composed of four higher origins coming from South America, Central America, Africa and Asia. Each origin is blended at a precise percentage to give an ideal crema. A truly remarkable length in the mouth, it will appeal to avid fans of discoveries...
An exceptional coffee that is full of surprises! The aftertaste of this atypical coffee gives a slightly fruity finish.
Thanks to its dark roast, Novello is the perfect coffee for those looking for a sensitive espresso. This full-bodied blend contains a strong intensity and is well balanced, giving us the perfect combination for a café au lait and cappuccino.
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