Keurig ® Compatible


Need a coffee to wake you up? Need a good boom to start the week? Try our Intenso!

Discover our line of gourmet, affordable coffee cups compatible with Keurig® K-Cup® and Keurig® 2.0 single serve coffee makers.

Each box contains 16 individually sealed single serve Keurig® compatible capsules.

Its authentic and robust taste combined with its soft and creamy texture make Intenso a vintage espresso. KEURIG® COMPATIBLE CAPSULES
This medium roast, reminiscent of the popular coffees of Northern Italy, offers a slightly nutty flavour that will be leaving you wanting for more. KEURIG® COMPATIBLE CAPSULES
An exceptionally smooth coffee with a taste that will surprise you! Its finish is delicately fruity with a hint of chocolate KEURIG® COMPATIBLE CAPSULES
Coffee of great reputation. With a charming and delicate aroma, its spell on the palate is lively and fresh, it carries towards a medium clean compassionate taste. KEURIG® COMPATIBLE CAPSULES
Excellent coffee decaffeinated naturally with water. This is an evening coffee, free of stimulants but still offering the pleasure of a flavoursome blend from a variety of origins. KEURIG® COMPATIBLE CAPSULES
Our carefully selected coffee beans from around the world are roasted to perfection to bring you a selection of coffees that are unique and full of character. Single-serve coffee pods compatible with Keurig 2.0 machines. 6 boxes of 16 K-Cups (96 Pods) Recyclable (separately); 1) Peel, clean & recycle lid. 2) Compost coffee grounds. 3) Recycle empty capsules. Certified; ✓ BRC (British Retail Consortium) ✓ Kosher ✓ BPA-Free Freshly roasted & packed in a controlled environment. Factory located in QC, Canada.