The AGGA Family holds their community at heart. We believe in the word UBUNTU. Ubuntu is a term used in bantu Nguni meaning « humanity ». The word is used in a philosophical sense meaning that we believe in a universal link that is shared by all of us and links all of humanity together. It is for that reason that we like to be involved in our society. Since we are already an important part of their daily life through their mugs, why not make a difference in their community?


  • You have a cause that you hold at heart and needs a little help?
  • You want to make a change?
  • The AGGA Family would be happy to hear about your fundraising efforts.
  • Write us by email at agga@cafeagga.com with the subject line: Fundraising.
  • Please note that all fundraising requests may be done at least 45 days prior to the event.



You would like to develop a partnership with the AGGA Team? You have a cause you would like to support? A professional event or a community event? You have a new upcoming project?

Feel free to contact us, we are here to encourage you! Send an email at stephanie@cafeagga.com with the subject PARTNERSHIP for any partnership request. It will be our pleasure to hear about your projects.

Community Involvement - AGGA Coffee



We were able to raise over $20,000 in collaboration with Les Cuisines Solidaires / La Tablée des Chefs - AGGA Coffee

Cuisines Solidaires

In the beginning of the pandemic, we started a collaboration with les Cuisines Solidaires / La Tablée des Chefs. We were able to raise over $20,000 for this great cause.

« For CAFÉ AGGA, taking part in the success of the Cuisines Solidaires project is more than just a gesture of solidarity. This is their humble way of saying thank you to all those who prepare these long-awaited meals with Love.

Since the begining of Covid 19, 10 % of online sales were donated to the Tablée des Chefs to support the production of meals for the Québec Food Banks. In addition, bags of coffee were offered to thank and encourage the admirable work of these chefs and cooks.

Thank you for your solidarity! »

Mélissa Parséghian, B.A.A. Marketing
Directrice du développement des affaires et du marketing
La tablée des Chefs



MUHC Foundation

The AGGA Coffee team offered over 1,600 coffee bags to front line workers in the province of Québec for their hard work and dedication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

« For us, everything they have been doing since the beginning is worth gold! It is thanks to their perseverance and their efforts that the province was able to get out of each wave. Their terrific and ongoing work saved thousands of lives. Thank you for your service! »

Philippe Agathiadis
AGGA Coffee

The AGGA Coffee team offered over 1,600 coffee bags to front line workers in the province of Québec for their hard work and dedication - AGGA Coffee