Fair Trade Organic


We have proudly partnered with Fairtrade Canada to offer you our line of Fairtrade and Organic coffees. This line encourages coffee producers around the globe to get a fair price for their coffee beans.

You can purchase our fair trade or organic coffees in whole bean, filter ground, or capsule format.

Try our Jambo filter ground organic coffee , produced in the rolling countryside. This hybrid coffee ensures a complete change of scenery with its exquisite, strong taste.


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Indonesia's coffees are wonderful. Sumatra is full-bodied and syrupy, while Java is spicier. We offer both in the same cup!
Medium roast just like in Italy, this coffee will leave your taste buds wanting more! It's a coffee blend coming from various countries around the world and it’s mixture creates a perfectly smooth and creamy coffee with slightly caramelized and tangy tasting notes. Tesoro Di Crema will leave you wanting some more!
Matagalpa and Jinotega are the only ones classified as gourmet coffees. They have a wonderfully pleasant, well-balanced flavor profile, the coffee from these regions are high in quality and complex in flavor.
Peru Chanchamayo beans tend to have a light to medium body and mild to medium acidity. They also tend to be grown at very high altitudes and are often organic.
Jambo is the ideal organic coffee for an espresso, it is a medium roast and is slightly acidic. This hybrid coffee, with powerful and exquisite flavors, produced in the lush and bushy hills ensures a total change of scenery!
The noble and bold scent is the first emotion raised by the subtle and coherent mixture of the beans of this coffee. Cultivated in the secluded mountains of the Southern Hemisphere, this exceptional coffee is full of incomparable flavors and aromas! This medium roast blend contains an intensity of ⅘, making it the strongest in our organic coffee category. Also, Molango coffee is our most popular in our organic ranges!