At AGGA Coffee, our passion and dedication to the art of coffee roasting is truely reflected through our vast selection of coffees. Whether it's whole beans or ground coffee, we select the very best coffee beans from around the world.


The foundation of our coffees showcases specific and distinct savory features, AGGA Coffee produces traditional coffees respectful to the richness of flavors and bold personal style. Talent is illustrated through perfect knowledge of coffee plantation and expertise of a wide roasting variety. Our roasting secrets allow us to capture and hold of the most sublime cultivation this creating the beauty and richness of our flavors to be released in your coffee cups. Both amateurs and connoisseurs will discover a balance of coffee flavors that bring out a feeling of perfect harmony among the aromas.


Discover our different lines of coffee to satisfy your needs!



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The Romana is a coffee blend specially formulated for short and long espresso, while the Novello, stronger, is for latte, the Romanovo offers both in a single cup.
It’s a medium roast coffee build with a lot of character, being a strong an italian blend . Viconti is known for its dense and powerful characteristics, accompanied by light acidity. It is the epitome of what you would expect from an espresso.
Colombia is second after Brazil in coffee production, with 15% of the world’s coffee output. Colombia’s specialities are Supremo and Excelso coffees.
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