AGGA coffee prones on quality and perfection! If coffee is art, why don't you check out our Gallery? 

Try our variety of ground coffee blends roasted to perfection to provide freshness and quality at all times. Our wide selection of different tastes and aromas range from strong, black coffee al Italiano to a subtle assortment of very clear coffees.


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Excellent coffee decaffeinated naturally with water. This is an evening coffee, free of stimulants but still offering the pleasure of a flavoursome blend from a variety of origins.
This medium roast, reminiscent of the popular coffees of Northern Italy, offers a slightly nutty flavour.
An exotic mix from Ethiopia and SHG Costa Rica; very darkly-roasted with Cameroun or Zaire coffee beans at high temperature for 45 minutes. Unlike raw Turkish coffee beans, this oriental blend has an accentuated black colour.