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Try our variety of ground coffee blends roasted to perfection to provide freshness and quality at all times. Our wide selection of different tastes and aromas range from strong, black coffee al Italiano to a subtle assortment of very clear coffees.


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Six very distinct coffee varieties are used in this recipe.
An exceptional coffee that is full of surprises! The aftertaste of this atypical coffee gives a slightly fruity finish.
Thanks to its dark roast, Novello is the perfect coffee for those looking for a sensitive espresso. This full-bodied blend contains a strong intensity and is well balanced, giving us the perfect combination for a café au lait and cappuccino.
It’s a medium roast coffee build with a lot of character, being a strong an italian blend . Viconti is known for its dense and powerful characteristics, accompanied by light acidity. It is the epitome of what you would expect from an espresso.
The Romana is a coffee blend specially formulated for short and long espresso, while the Novello, stronger, is for latte, the Romanovo offers both in a single cup.
With a rare subtlety and finesse, this exclusive coffee is composed of four higher origins coming from South America, Central America, Africa and Asia. Each origin is blended at a precise percentage to give an ideal crema. A truly remarkable length in the mouth, it will appeal to avid fans of discoveries...