AGGA Coffee - Official Partner of Le Chaînon

As a local family business, we have taken to heart to develop more and more our presence in the Montreal community. To do so, we have decided to start a partnership with the houses and the store Le Chaînon to support their coffee needs. For us, this partnership means helping women indirectly to keep them warm and encouraging Le Chaînon to invest their budget in other more urgent needs.


Founded in 1932, the Chaînon serves approximately 50,000 meals a year through its 105 employees and 200 volunteers. These meals are prepared at a cost of $0.38 per meal, thanks to all of their partners. These meals are served free of charge to the women in need that either stay at the housing or need to eat.


But what is Le Chaînon?


Le Chaînon is a non-profit organization founded by Yvonne Maisonneuve. Her determination to serve a cause she believed in; women in difficulty. Once in place, faithful collaborators came to lend a hand and joined the work of Yvonne Maisonneuve as volunteers. These urban missionaries forged the foundations of Le Chaînon. The Chaînon became the main shelter for women in difficulty in Quebec.


For eighty-five years, people of heart have contributed to its development.


Soon, the AGGA family will spend a day at Le Chaînon to give you a better idea of the experience and to give you ideas of how to help us encourage them.

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