Our beans are carefully selected and roasted to perfection to provide freshness and quality at all times. The variety of espresso blends we offer under the AGGA Coffee label are guaranteed to satisfy your palate and keep you coming back for more. Our large selection of freshly roasted coffee beans can be purchased in whole bean espresso or ground espresso. Try our whole bean Espresso Romanovo, a coffee blend specially formulated for short and long espresso. Try our whole bean Espresso Novello, same blend as Romana, but made from much darker roasted beans. It is sure to titillate your palate with its interestingly bitter and powerful taste. Our whole bean Espresso Crema Barista is an exceptional coffee that is full of surprises! The aftertaste of this atypical coffee gives a slightly fruity finish.

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The Romana is a coffee blend specially formulated for short and long espresso, while the Novello, stronger, is for latte, the Romanovo offers both in a single cup.


This is a coffee with a lot of character. It is the epitome of what we would expect from an expresso. If you are looking for an Italian "style" espresso, the Viconti is for you!

INTENSO 340 g - Beans

Its authentic and robust taste combined with its soft and creamy texture make Intenso a vintage espresso.

LUNGO 340 g - Beans

An exceptionally smooth coffee with a taste that will surprise you!

RISTRETTO 340 g - Beans

This medium roast, reminiscent of the popular coffees of Northern Italy, offers a slightly nutty flavour.

ESPRESSO BAR 1000 g - Beans

With a rare subtlety and finesse, this exclusive coffee is composed of four higher origins.

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